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Olivia and Connie are 6th graders living in Columbus, Ohio.

Chip (Olivia’s dad): I’ve been interviewing bands since 1991 (first interview: Joey Ramone). Earlier this year, I took on the task of attempting to interview every band performing at the Bunbury Music Festival in Cincinnati taking place in July. Of the 90 or so bands I contacted via email, 30 responded and answered the questions I sent. Alberta Cross, one of the bands performing at Bunbury, was playing in Columbus a week before the festival so I reached out to see if I could do a video interview with them. And then the idea hit me …

There are plenty of video interviews being done by men and women my age, but I can’t think of too many bands being interviewed – on camera – by girls in elementary school. So I pitched the idea to Olivia and Connie (both of whom were going to go to Bunbury) and asked if they’d be interested in interviewing Alberta Cross. Any doubts that I had that they might be too shy were erased when they both enthusiastically agreed. The band’s publicist thought this was a great idea as well so when the band got to town, we met up with them and did the interview.

After that interview was completed and posted on Donewaiting.com (a site that I’ve been writing for for 9+ years), a few publicists contacted me about interviewing bands they had performing at Bunbury and with each inquiry, I proposed that the girls would like to do video interviews. And, in each case, the publicists loved the idea.

We did 8 interviews at the festival and I started posting them on Donewaiting. And then it hit me that this could be so much more, that people might enjoy watching two kids interviewing bands.

With this in mind, KidsInterviewBands.com was born.

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