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Vintage Trouble

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Olivia: It was SO cold when we were going to do this interview. My hands turned purple.

Connie: Yeah, it was cold. But the tour bus was warm. We’ve done a few interviews on tour buses. This was the nicest one we’ve ever been on.

Olivia: It was really cool. I would like to try to live on a tour bus or at least take one on vacation. It has a TV, a kitchen, couches … it’s like a house.

Connie: Vintage Trouble were really nice. We thought they gave great answers to our questions.

Olivia: I don’t think anybody has ever asked them the kinds of questions we did.

Connie: It was so fun taking the picture outside of the tour bus. I didn’t know what Ty was doing. He came over and picked me up and put me up on his shoulder!

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