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Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown

Like Connie and Olivia, Tyler Bryant got his start at a young age. Thrust into the national spotlight at the age of 16 due to his appearance in the documentary Rock Prophecies, the now-21-year-old guitarist has been taking care of things behind the scenes (moving from Honey Grove, Texas to Nashville, Tennessee, honing his songwriting skills, putting together a band, writing songs for others, etc) and under the radar with everything leading up to the release of his full-length debut in January 2013.

While the guitarist has had the good fortune to perform on bills with the likes of Aerosmith, Jeff Beck, Heart, and REO Speedwagon, Bryant and his band are also hitting the road and playing their own shows, trying to get some road miles under their belts, and names added to their mailing list, before things start taking off the way we think they are.

Connie and Olivia were able to catch the band before their show at Rumba Cafe in Columbus, Ohio in early October and Tyler reveals something at the end of the interview that he says he normally wouldn’t tell anybody. You’ll only hear this revelation at KidsInterviewBands.com 🙂

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