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Quiet Corral (Part 2)

(One of the first interviews the girls did was with Issac and Jessie from Quiet Corral. The girls talked to these two at the Bunbury Music Festival in mid-July. The band performed in Columbus in October and the girls had the chance to speak with two other members of the band, Zach and Matt.)

Olivia: Our parents saw Quiet Corral when they played here with Gomez and the band gave our parents t-shirts to give to us so we wore them for the interview.

Connie: Issac said we should talk to some of the other guys since we already interviewed him so we interviewed Zach and Matt.

Olivia: Issac and Connie’s dad were watching while we interviewed Zach and Matt. They were laughing at some of the answers.

Connie: There are still a few guys in Quiet Corral who we haven’t interviewed yet so if they come back to Columbus …

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