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The word is getting out about KidsInterviewBands.com. We’re really appreciative of anybody who helps us promote the site. Please let us know if you’ve written about us and we’ll list you on this page.

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The Columbus Dispatch – March 14, 2013
Tweens put own spin on music journalism
“The afternoon of their sold-out concert at the Lifestyle Communities Pavilion, the Canadian rock duo Tegan and Sara granted a single interview, timed so that the interviewers had a few minutes to change out of their soccer uniforms.

As dozens of fans camped outside for a chance to make the front row, the two sixth-graders backstage spit out their gum, tested their microphone and arranged their questions — written on notecards with colored markers.”
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PromoWest Live – Episode 172
PromoWest Productions in Columbus, Ohio airs a show called PromoWest Live every Saturday night on NBC at 1am in Columbus and Pittsburgh. They asked if they could film the interview Olivia did with Clutch and we said, “Of course!” With a professional crew, their footage looks way better than ours! Host Abby Krizner calls this one of their “new favorite segments”. The interview starts around the 5:15 mark.


614 Magazine – January 2013 issue
The Kids Are Alright
“As far as interview preparation goes, Connie and Olivia are one of a kind. Fifteen yards away from four massive tour buses that contain one of the most famous bands in the last 20 years, the journalistic pair are holding hands under one umbrella, skipping to Hang On Sloopy, and literally singing in the rain.”
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In addition to the feature on the girls, Connie and Olivia interviewed 614 Magazine editor Travis Hoewischer in the magazine’s “Opening Volley” section.
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Afentra from Kansas City’s alt-rock station 96.5 did a phone interview with Connie and Olivia in December.  Listen to the interview.


Connie and Olivia were interviewed by CW Columbus star Kaitlin in December. Watch the interview.

AV Club – Milwaukee – 12/5/2012
Today in adorable news: Watch two sixth grade girls interview Trapper Schoepp
“And while Trapper Schoepp has surely been interviewed by dozens (hundreds?) of local and national media outlets by now, his latest Q&A is certainly his most adorable. Kids Interview Bands—a.k.a. two sixth grade girls from Columbus, Ohio—got a hold of the singer while on tour with The Wallflowers, and grilled him with a barrage of adorable sixth grader questions.”
Read the full article>>

Pure Volume – 11/15/2012
Youngblood Hawke Featured on Kids Interview Bands
“Meet Connie and Olivia, the two youngest people with the best taste in music we’ve ever come across … Not only is this adorable, and these girls rock better questions than some music journalists, but it allows the opportunity for fans to see a side to their favorite bands they may not get to see in a standard interview.”
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I Love Columbus – 11/01/2012
Kids Interview Bands – UH-DORABLE
“I think it’s pretty cute that (Chip’s) young daughter and her friend have picked up the torch and set out to interview as many bands as possible as they pass through the state of Ohio.”
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MetalSucks.net – 9/20/2012
11-year-old Kids Interview Royal Thunder
“KidsInterviewBands.com is the best idea for a website ever, in part because its name alone is enough to let you know exactly what the site is about and in part because, dude, kids interviewing bands! Brilliant.”
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The Hearing Aid – 9/11/2012
“It’s a neat twist on the old interview thang and somehow the bands seem to open up a little more, probably ‘cos they’re not being interviewed by yet another borrrring old fart or wannabe TV presenter.”
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USA Today – Pop Candy – 8/23/2012
Kids Interview Bands: Girls get the scoop on indie acts
“Their fun videos have kick-started a new website that may give Pitchfork a run for its money.”
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