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Neon Trees

Connie: The Neon Trees interview was the most nervous interview because they are such a big band.

Olivia: This was the one band that we really, really wanted to interview at Bunbury but my dad said he wasn’t able to make it happen.

Connie: We got really lucky. Before they played they signed autographs and we stood in a long line waiting for our turn.

Olivia: When it was our turn to get things autographed, my dad told them that we were interviewing bands and we asked if we could interview them when they were done.

Connie: They said yes!!!!! After the interview, the lady who was working at the tent where they were selling t-shirts said we were really lucky because hundreds of people had been standing in line to get autographs but we were the only people who got to interview them. They all had really good answers too!!

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