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Imagine Dragons

Olivia: We were really excited to see Imagine Dragons play at Bunbury. My dad said we might be able to interview them but he wasn’t sure so I didn’t want to get my hopes up.

Connie: Somebody who worked for the band called Olivia’s dad and said that if we came over to the media tent, we could do the interview.

Olivia: We tried to walk away from the stage where a band called Jukebox the Ghost was playing. My dad thought it was too loud close to the stage so we walked far away. We thought it would be quiet but you can hear Jukebox the Ghost playing loudly in the video.

Connie: These guys were really nice and funny. The singer was a little shy and didn’t talk a whole lot.

Olivia: My mom and dad are taking me to see Imagine Dragons and Awolnation in September!

Imagine Dragons – “It’s Time”

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