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It was a late night/early morning for the girls of KidsInterviewBands … but they both agree well worth it! Because we wanted to share this with you sooner rather than later, Connie and Olivia did not have their usual post-interview huddle to discuss the experience. So, instead of that, here are some of the comments that we heard from the girls on the ride home from the amazing, sold-out Awolnation/Imagine Dragons/Zeale concert.

“Aaron said we asked him questions that nobody else has asked him before.”

“It was cool that we got to interview on the lawn. It felt like we were talking to a friend.”

“The drummer of Imagine Dragons was playing basketball in the parking lot before the concert. We waved to him. I wonder if he remembers the interview we did at Bunbury?”

“I don’t know what I was expecting but Awolnation was a lot different than I expected. I want to buy their CD from iTunes when I get home.”

“Did you see all those people in the audience who were being carried around and passed around from person to person? I want to do that someday!”

“I couldn’t tell if my stomach was rumbling or if it was the music that was making my stomach rumble.”

“We hope Awolnation plays at Bunbury next year. They were so good!”

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