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Now, Now

Dec. 06th Posted by Chip | No Comments

Olivia: Connie had to go to tennis practice so I interviewed Now, Now by myself. We had already interviewed Motion City Soundtrack and Jukebox the Ghost. We got to see Now, Now play a few songs at Bunbury and you can hear them in the background when we interviewed Neon Trees.

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Quiet Corral (Part 2)

Nov. 21st Posted by Chip

(One of the first interviews the girls did was with Issac and Jessie from Quiet Corral. The girls talked to these two at the Bunbury Music Festival in mid-July. The band performed in Columbus in...
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Neon Trees

Sep. 03rd Posted by Chip

Connie: The Neon Trees interview was the most nervous interview because they are such a big band. Olivia: This was the one band that we really, really wanted to interview at Bunbury but my dad said...
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Madi Diaz

Aug. 30th Posted by Chip

Olivia: Madi Diaz is the first person we were ever supposed to interview. We waited for an hour for her outside the place she was playing but she never came out. My dad said there was some mix up...
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Minus the Bear

Aug. 27th Posted by Chip

Connie: We didn’t know too many Minus the Bear songs when we interviewed them but Olivia and I did watch “My Time” on YouTube a lot! Olivia: They looked different when we...
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Imagine Dragons

Aug. 23rd Posted by Chip

Olivia: We were really excited to see Imagine Dragons play at Bunbury. My dad said we might be able to interview them but he wasn’t sure so I didn’t want to get my hopes up. Connie:...
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Quiet Corral

Aug. 16th Posted by Chip

Olivia: Isaac from Quiet Corral emailed my dad while we were at Bunbury and said he was sorry that he didn’t see the email that my dad sent him about doing an interview. He said that maybe my...
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A Silent Film

Aug. 16th Posted by Chip

Connie: This is one of my favorite interviews because we got to sit in a tree. Spencer was really nice. Olivia: He couldn’t believe that he was being interviewed by kids and we thought that was...
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Aug. 16th Posted by Chip

Olivia: We didn’t really know much about Ume before we saw them play at Bunbury. Connie: We heard their CD and I thought they sounded like Joy Formidable but live they were louder. I thought...
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