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Monthly Archive "November2012"

Matt and Kim

Nov. 29th Posted by Chip

Olivia: My dad was in Iowa for work when we did this interview. He was really mad that he couldn’t be here for it. I didn’t want to make him feel bad, but Connie and I had a really good...
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Nov. 26th Posted by Chip

Connie: We got to see Grouplove in concert at Bunbury in July. Olivia and I really wanted to interview them there but we didn’t see them before or after their concert. Olivia: My mom and I both...
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Quiet Corral (Part 2)

Nov. 21st Posted by Chip

(One of the first interviews the girls did was with Issac and Jessie from Quiet Corral. The girls talked to these two at the Bunbury Music Festival in mid-July. The band performed in Columbus in...
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Quiet Company

Nov. 19th Posted by Chip

Connie: This was the longest interview we ever did. Olivia: We were excited to interview Quiet Company because their manager sent us t-shirts, CDs, and DVDs. This was the first time a band ever gave...
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Youngblood Hawke

Nov. 15th Posted by Chip

Connie: Olivia and I love “We Come Running”. We hear it on XM every time our dads take us to do interviews. Olivia: When my dad said that we were going to interview Youngblood Hawke I was...
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Theory of a Deadman

Nov. 12th Posted by Chip

Connie: We’ve done a lot of interviews in different places but this was the first one we did on a tour bus. It was cool! Olivia: The windows were open and some people walked by and Tyler yelled...
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Brick + Mortar

Nov. 07th Posted by Chip

Connie: I couldn’t remember the band’s name when the interview first started. Olivia helped me out. Olivia: Brandon and John said their names, I just helped you remember they were called...
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Nov. 04th Posted by Chip

Olivia: Finally! When the guys got out of their van, they said, “We recognize y’all!” Nobody has recognized us yet and I’ve never heard anybody in real life say...
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Hey Marseilles

Nov. 01st Posted by Chip

Olivia: My dad told us we were interviewing a band called Hey Mar-SELL-is. Connie: We found out you say it “Hey Marsay”. Olivia: We interviewed Sea Wolf first. Then we waited outside for...
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