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Monthly Archive "October2012"

Gold Fields

Oct. 29th Posted by Chip

Olivia: We didn’t really know that much about Gold Fields before we interviewed them but since we were interviewing Blondfire, we decided to interview Gold Fields too. Connie: They were really...
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Electric Six

Oct. 24th Posted by Chip

Connie: My dad was so excited when he found out that we were interviewing Electric Six, he said the last time he saw them perform was at the Birmingham Academy in the UK in 2002. Olivia: My dad was...
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Sea Wolf

Oct. 22nd Posted by Chip

Olivia: This is the second band that both my dad and me have interviewed. The first was Alberta Cross. My dad interviewed the singer from Sea Wolf a few years ago. Connie: It was hard to find a good...
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Oct. 17th Posted by Chip

Olivia: My mom wants everybody to know that she was the first person in our family to like Blondfire! Connie: We have XM radio in my dad’s car and we always listen to Alt-Nation. That’s...
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Murder by Death

Oct. 15th Posted by Chip

The girls were a little worried about interviewing a band with the name Murder by Death. The Bloomington, Indiana band probably gets that a lot, people thinking they are a metal band but that...
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Tyler Bryant and The Shakedown

Oct. 10th Posted by Chip

Like Connie and Olivia, Tyler Bryant got his start at a young age. Thrust into the national spotlight at the age of 16 due to his appearance in the documentary Rock Prophecies, the now-21-year-old...
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Melody’s Echo Chamber

Oct. 08th Posted by Chip

We caught up with Melody Prochet at the A&R Music Bar in Columbus, Ohio where her band, Melody’s Echo Chamber, was opening for The Raveonettes later that evening. Making our way to the...
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Turbo Fruits

Oct. 04th Posted by Chip

Olivia and Connie met up with Kingsley and Jonas of Turbo Fruits at Ace of Cups, the Columbus rock club owned by Scrawl singer Marcy Mays. The band rolled into the parking lot in their touring...
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The Raveonettes

Oct. 01st Posted by Chip

Olivia: Connie was playing tennis and I didn’t know if she’d get there in time. Connie: My dad drove as fast as he could so I could help with this interview. Olivia: Connie got there just...
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