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Monthly Archive "September2012"

The Wombats

Sep. 27th Posted by Chip

Connie: The Wombats are from Liverpool. My dad used to work there when he was younger. Olivia: The Wombats were playing a concert with Morning Parade. We interviewed Morning Parade around lunchtime...
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Morning Parade

Sep. 24th Posted by Chip

Olivia: The night before we did the interview, we were driving to McDonald’s and we heard Atlas Genius on the radio. I interviewed them at the radio station. The very next song was by Morning...
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Sep. 20th Posted by Chip

It was a late night/early morning for the girls of KidsInterviewBands … but they both agree well worth it! Because we wanted to share this with you sooner rather than later, Connie and Olivia...
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Royal Thunder

Sep. 17th Posted by Chip

Connie: This is the first heavy metal band we interviewed. Olivia: They had a lot of tattoos and long hair. Connie: We weren’t really that scared to interview them. They were really nice and we...
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The Damnwells

Sep. 10th Posted by Chip

Olivia: This was my favorite interview because I got to hang out with Ted and Sara, his wife, at his parents’ house for six hours. I met Ted a few times before but I was much younger, he used...
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Belle Histoire

Sep. 06th Posted by Chip

Connie: We got to interview a lot of bands at Bunbury but we didn’t interview Belle Histoire there. Olivia: Wasn’t it raining when they were playing? Connie: Oh yeah! I almost forgot. We...
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Neon Trees

Sep. 03rd Posted by Chip

Connie: The Neon Trees interview was the most nervous interview because they are such a big band. Olivia: This was the one band that we really, really wanted to interview at Bunbury but my dad said...
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